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Painting from the garden

It’s not a new concept.  Plein Air painters have been sitting in gardens and painting them for centuries.  However, using the shapes and colors of the garden as a jumping off point to assemble something entirely new is a different way of looking at them for inspiration. For me it all about shapes and colors.… Continue reading Painting from the garden

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The Anatomy of a Commission

To create a work of art through another person’s Minds Eye is a difficult process.  Understanding what a patron means when they try to describe a finished piece is tricky, when they themselves use a different “language” than the artist.  They are, after all, asking the artist to do something that they themselves cannot do.… Continue reading The Anatomy of a Commission

Creative Inspirations

Art and Flowers

Nature is art and art mimics nature. Never more so than in the ever-popular Art in Bloom concept presented in galleries and museums. Last night, The Concord Garden Club worked in tandem with the League of NH Craftsmen to create a beautiful reprieve from the winter chill with a colorful and fragrant display of art… Continue reading Art and Flowers

Creative in the Kitchen

Why make art and coconut cake.

I routinely ask myself why I even bother to make artwork that hangs on a wall simply to make our rooms look nice.  Really.  When some folks have barely enough coins to feed themselves and others with no walls at all to hang things on, I question my motives. But the reality is that, like… Continue reading Why make art and coconut cake.