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Art and light of Christmas Montreal

As David said, it wasn't cold enough in New Hampshire so we headed north to Montreal, Canada last week for a few days of snowy Christmas-y-ness in the historic old city.  Cold it was—2º one morning—but walking in it added to the charm, invigorated one's spirits and burnt off a lot of calories!  Let me… Continue reading Art and light of Christmas Montreal

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Merry Christmas last minute cheese spread!

In case ANYONE is checking their emails today, Merry Christmas from my place to yours! Here is a last-minute recipe for amazingly delicious cheese spread made from left over bits in just a couple of minutes. Enjoy! LAST MINUTE CHEESE SPREAD Soften all cheeses to room temperature or microwave until soft. Blend all ingredients together… Continue reading Merry Christmas last minute cheese spread!

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Merry Christmas color theory

This was our Christmas tree two years ago.  David was inspired by its quirky shape so, wanting to keep it in the window (where the piano was!), he cut it in half giving the illusion that the tree was growing out of the piano!  This was arguably the best tree we have ever had. Christmas… Continue reading Merry Christmas color theory