Creative Inspirations

The Ergonomics of being Creative

It's all about the brushes and scissors and glue. But the what they don’t tell you about in “creative school” is your hands and neck and back. Conversation with myself: ME: Yes, yes, yes…color swirling, this way, blend, right-angles, numeric calculations, cut here, scrunch there… MYSELF: Ouch, no, dang it thumbs, ugh, no, bad neck… Continue reading The Ergonomics of being Creative

Creative in the Kitchen

FOR THE LOVE OF PRODUCE: grilled beets with asparagus salad.

The last of the spring asparagus, the largest wintered-over beets: I just had to grab my final taste before they disappeared at my Canterbury Farmers Market.  As part of my self-imposed summer challenge* of preparing fruits and vegetables in a way I have never done before, I came up with this recipe.  Grilled beets—sugars caramelized,… Continue reading FOR THE LOVE OF PRODUCE: grilled beets with asparagus salad.

Creative in the Kitchen

Creamy cream-less broccoli “cheddar” soup

Although here in New England it is technically spring—a time when we think about body cleansing rituals—there is still a chill in the air that beckons warmth and comfort. So while all my west coast & southern friends are chugging their chilled green smoothies, we northeasterners can feel more comfortable downing soups for the same… Continue reading Creamy cream-less broccoli “cheddar” soup