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16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 16

16 color grad DAY 16

Confetti falling from the sky, the roar of cheering crowds, bands playing…  Not really but that is what it felt like on my last day of treatment.  All my techs—past and present—were there, the nurses, the office staff and my doctor were there.  And so were my shoes.

Walking in past the clerical station….

Office manager:  Let’s see what shoes you are wearing today!  Do you change your toe nail polish every day?

Me:  No, not in real life.  Just for this game.


Techs (hugs and congratulations): Cute shoes.  Do you change your toe nail polish every day?

Me: No, not in real life.  Just for this game.

Emotions exchanged, fondness expressed, gratitude, a certificate…  Out to examination room.

Previous techs flooding in (looking in my eyes then down at  my feet):  We just want to say happy graduation day and how great it was taking care of you.  What are you wearing today?  We are bummed we missed getting to see all the changes!

Me:  Love you too!  Read my blog…

And they did…immediately.  [Hi guys!!!  :)]

Doctor and head nurse entering room: Look at those shoes!  Do you change your toe nail polish every day?

Me: No, not in real life.  Just for this game.

What a fun game this has been!

It’s their job…to make us feel better, to make us feel human, to express compassion.  And they did each and every day.  Despite the highly technical work they executed with great skill, they still took the time to play this game with me and share their lives.  The real stars of this show…

My main techs, Dana and Nicole.IMG_4822

Techs that alternated; Roxanne and SandyIMG_4826

Head nurse Natalie and alternating tech Amanda:IMG_4930

Please read my wrap up post following this one…

16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 15

16 color grad DAY 15

Frisky feet.  Feelin’ a little Italian yesterday, like kicking up some heels.  It was my second to the last treatment.   A friend who had just visited Italy once told me how amazed she was that the women there could manage walking on cobblestone streets in really high-heeled shoes.  I thought I would channel the likes of Sophia.

So I wobbled in.  Concad, New Hampsha.

Receptionists in the lobby (who didn’t know about the game):  Ok, let’s see what shoes you have on today.  Ooooow and the nail polish matches your clothes.  And the earrings and make-up too!

Me:  Why thank you.  It’s part of the game. (Explanation, etc)

Tech one:  I like your nail polish.

Me: Why thank you.

Tech two: Have you worn those before?

Well of COURSE not!  This is the whole point of the game.  But then again she wasn’t there from the beginning.



16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 14

16 color grad DAY 14b

Bitter-sweet today.  Excited about the 3-day week-end marking my third-to-the-last treatment and also finding out that this was the last time I would see one of my techs.  I hadn’t anticipated the feeling of loss…these gals have become comrades.  Bonds have formed; like being in the trenches together at DSW.

But back to the story….

Techs: Oooooooowww, look at the earrings!

Me: Walmart. [I know, I know…]

Techs: I like the ensemble.

Me:  Thank you.  Today was lots of fun. [Because EVERYone needs red shoes]

Techs in unison, smiling ear to ear: We have been reading your blog.

Panic, angst, exposure, transparency….turns out they like this like you.  My departure gift.  🙂


16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 13

16 color grad DAY13b

I felt like I was getting a cat-scan.  Flat on my back, all eyes moving up and down my body from head to toe and back again.

Tech:  You kind of have a metallic thing going on today.

Me in my head:  Oh, is that what it is?  I was just playing off the texture in the shoes. And my eye color.  And my skin tone.  And my hair color.  Oh, and the toe nail polish….

Techs:  We love that necklace and earrings.

Me: Why thank you.  It’s date night with Davie.

Too bad I wore grayed colors on a day when it was dark (and rainy) AGAIN; and when the techs work in a dark room all day.  It sans gushing.  Color lifts the spirits; but then again I know this!  There is always tomorrow.  Stay tuned…

16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 12

16 color grad DAY 12

Not-so-casual work day for me seeing clients.  Decided to pull out the dashing cruel shoes that make a statement despite the pinching of older toes.  It was worth it.

New tech: Those are AWESOME!

Old tech:  Wow, those are awesome!

Feeling very satisfied and accomplished I was magnanimously able to change the subject steering the conversation to normal life (are shoes normal life tho?).

Following it was my rotation day to scuffle over in Johnnie to see the Doctor and nurse practitioner.  The “conference” was all about—you guessed—my shoes.

Nurse Practitioner as she entered room:  Look at those awesome shoes!  Oh Dr. ——— you need to get some of those!

Me staring downward and noticing her silver heels:  Dr.——- you certainly know how to rock the shoes too!

Dr.———-:  [Big smile]

Nurse Practitioner: Where did you get them?

Me:  I don’t remember.  I have had them for years.


16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 11

12 color grad DAY 11

A day on the run for me—figuratively not literally.  Have you seen me running on the road?  I think not.  My version of running; up and down the freeway, up and down the stairs, standing for hours, bending, lifting…

I thought for sure someone would comment on my ergonomic asymetrical sneakers but apparently most everyone else besides me is athletic and so they were just passe´.   All eyes were on the earrings instead…

Brand new tech:  Oh look at those earrings…are they wired? Are they a loop? Are they beads? Are they strung?

Me trying to get a word in edgewise:  They are….

Head nurse rushing over:  Let me see?  Oh they are really great.

Me: Thank you.  They are…

Old tech: Such a great color.

Me: They are…

New tech: We only get to see Johnnies in here so it is great see to jewelry.

Where have I heard that before?

And in case you were wondering, they are turquoise and shell beads made by Native Americans that I picked up at the market in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Still glad to be entertaining… 🙂

16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 10

16 color grad 10b

Day off yesterday and raining.  I had planned a trip to the seacoast to take a long walk in the down pour with Claire and then both of us out to lunch with Jane (the other one).  I needed dual-duty shoes.  Nothing screams rain-and-out-to-lunch than a pair of red rubber boots!

While seated in the lounge back in Concord in the afternoon waiting for my appointment…

Head nurse (out of her office, peering around the corner and gazing downward):  Like those!

Me: Thank you.  It has been raining.

Tech (strolling out to get me and gazing downward seriously):  Great!

Then parading me in front of the head nurse: Look at her boots!  “———” loves boots.

Lots of thumbs up, head nods, discussions of how versatile rubber boots can be—in the garden, in the rain…

I think shoes are a universal language.