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Switching Gears: left brain/right brain

Analytical thought vs perceptual intuition. Linear vs abstract. Bookkeeping/emails vs art making.  Because these opposites require the use of different sides of the brain to formulate, it has always been a tug of war for me managing the “responsible” activities in my artist’s life while keeping the creative juices flowing.  It literally feels like I… Continue reading Switching Gears: left brain/right brain

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Open Studio; a labor of love

We labor all year on our arts and crafts preparing for an Open Studio in the hope that someone will come and recognize our inspired process.  We hope that our souls will be seen through our work, that the spark that drives us will be showcased and that the viewer will be touched.  It's a… Continue reading Open Studio; a labor of love

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Fooling mother nature: Autumn color study

The Autumn chill is really late in coming this year here in my tree surrounded property and much of my summer garden is still perky. So I have had a creative impulse to see if I could keep it that way until my Open Studio on November 4th and 5th utilizing some frost gardening tricks… Continue reading Fooling mother nature: Autumn color study

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Opening the doors to my studio 11/8 and 9

Why does an artist make original art?  I mean, really...when there are lovely patterns to follow and kits to be assembled, books to be read, movies to watch and friends to be seen..???  Especially someone like me who makes my "living" 40 hours a week in another way, why do I feel compelled—and, yes, driven—to express myself… Continue reading Opening the doors to my studio 11/8 and 9