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A new venture

Creativity takes many forms.  You have heard me say that time and time again. You have seen me continually evolving; trying new things, trying new mediums, trying and failing and succeeding.  It all has been a joy. One constant in my creative life has been my kitchen.  And based on multitude of comments I get… Continue reading A new venture

Creative in the Kitchen

Creamy cream-less broccoli “cheddar” soup

Although here in New England it is technically spring—a time when we think about body cleansing rituals—there is still a chill in the air that beckons warmth and comfort. So while all my west coast & southern friends are chugging their chilled green smoothies, we northeasterners can feel more comfortable downing soups for the same… Continue reading Creamy cream-less broccoli “cheddar” soup

Creative in the Kitchen

A day in the herb garden and kitchen

The last of the dishes are washed, my guests are gone and I am still reveling in the scent of green.  Today I held a Cooking with Herbs class celebrating the multi-cultural traditions of eating the first herbs of spring and it was  s o   m u c h   f u n! When living from… Continue reading A day in the herb garden and kitchen

Creative in the Kitchen

A farewell feast; vegetarian recipes

The week before last was a week of good-byes for me, so a feast was called for.  My daughter went back home after a nice long stay, my husband & I enjoyed our last stay at our Portsmouth Pied-a-terre, winter had melted away in our yard AND it was the final episode of Downton Abbey… Continue reading A farewell feast; vegetarian recipes

Creative in the Kitchen

Change of season creative inspirations

Its fall and the gardens are winding down here at my country home and studio.  This time of year is always settling to me as though the plants and I have run a long, hot race through summer and now we can rest on our laurels.  Artistic inspiration always comes.  Here is what I am thinking...… Continue reading Change of season creative inspirations