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Art Quilts

Traditional roots with a modern interpretation, my quilts begin with painting fabric then are cut and stitched into wall hung pieces of art. Each quilt is an original design.


Inspired by nature, these Botanica Vessels are created by fusing & stitching canvas then painting with acrylic. They are embellished with hand sculpted polymer.  For the wall, covered porch or table.

Dave’s paintings

My husband Dave. Being new to painting and therefore unencumbered with anyone else’s rules, he starts his paintings with no particular end in mind by taking an abstract  approach to layering in color and texture.  Acrylic on canvas.


Exploring abstraction through mono-printing cloth, these framed quilts are a layering of printed fabric collaged with created or found objects that reinforce the imagery.

Wearable art

Mini studies of my fused and painted work, these light-weight textile blossoms and leaves make a statement worn on a scarf or garment, or fastened into a hat.


Representational work executed with textile paint on whole cloth, these stitched quilts convey the beauty of my surroundings and my nature explorations.


See what little creations are in the studio right now.