Color Theory

Living with Green

Lucky green, plucky lime and sassy sage, March is all about green.   And so apparently is this entire year according to those universal home-interior color experts. All paint manufacturers have chosen a shade of green as their color of the year. And with good reason.  Green is the color of calm, that calm that… Continue reading Living with Green

Creative Inspirations, Creative Projects

The Artist’s Challenge: April

We continue to challenge ourselves, this Pandemic-driven virtual artist's group and myself. While much of our country seems to be headed towards opening up, we still have been meeting on-line inspiring each other to make art. Here’s the idea: we each have taken responsibility for a particular part to the challenge—color, shape, material, emotion, finish—and… Continue reading The Artist’s Challenge: April


Color study; falling in love with white

I have fallen in love with the color white. I can't think of when this affair started exactly but a couple of years back I started surrounding myself in it.  My rooms have become white, I am collecting white brick-a-brack but most noticeably white has become the back drop color for almost all of my… Continue reading Color study; falling in love with white