Color Theory

The beauty of neutral

As the season and sunlight slips away, nature plays its visual tricks of on us. The chemistry of color takes hold and the natural world around us becomes neutralized. But we don't really notice the loss of color though, because when neutral is played against itself, subtle becomes vibrant and all the negative descriptions of… Continue reading The beauty of neutral

Color Theory

How to wear those difficult spring colors!

  Fashion colors change from season to season, and now even within each season change several times!  As a result in any one given shopping spree we are likely to encounter racks of color that we either dislike or have a hard time wearing.  But if we really need a new garment and are forced to… Continue reading How to wear those difficult spring colors!

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Impressionist-painted quilts

I find the nuances of color & light to be endlessly fascinating. The impressions that combinations make can fool the eye and trick the senses into believing something is, when it is not. Like a world inside a world, shape and content formed by color alone without the added benefit of line is what the… Continue reading Impressionist-painted quilts

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Invisible make-up; revisiting color theory

Make-up at it’s best should not show. Unless we choose to apply cosmetic color as an artistic statement we want it to feel texturally light with invisible color that blends in.  Right?  A mistake is made, however, in thinking that to achieve this make-up needs to be very sheer or rubbed in. In fact invisibility… Continue reading Invisible make-up; revisiting color theory