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Painting fabric tutorial; autumn apples

This time of year is my favorite for representational fabric painting.  With my love of nature there is simply so much around me begging my brushes to mimic it. Normally I am teaching classes but since I have not opened up my studio for that yet, I thought you might enjoy a simple tutorial here.… Continue reading Painting fabric tutorial; autumn apples

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End of summer tinctures; rose geranium

It’s that time of year when I gather in the last of the herbs from my garden.  The plants are nearly spent with autumn on its way.  The first spring harvest of culinary herbs before they blossomed has long ago been dried and put away bearing their early tender flavor.  Now is the time for… Continue reading End of summer tinctures; rose geranium

Color Theory, Creative in the Garden

Gardening in Red

I once heard a “proper” gardening guru state that the color red does not belong in a garden.  Huh?  I understand that there are natural color relationships that would make a tomato red look out of place next to pale pink and lavender for example, but to rule it out all together? If you know my… Continue reading Gardening in Red