Creative Inspirations

The Ergonomics of being Creative

It's all about the brushes and scissors and glue. But the what they don’t tell you about in “creative school” is your hands and neck and back. Conversation with myself: ME: Yes, yes, yes…color swirling, this way, blend, right-angles, numeric calculations, cut here, scrunch there… MYSELF: Ouch, no, dang it thumbs, ugh, no, bad neck… Continue reading The Ergonomics of being Creative

Creative Inspirations


Bored, disgusted, frustrated, worn out and annoyed—there comes a time when we need to re-set the way we live our life. Perhaps we tried this in January with good intentioned resolutions but statistics say that most of us have already failed and dropped out. The problem with a “resolution” is that it is an intention… Continue reading Re-set

Creative in the Kitchen

Snow-day baking; Peanut Butter Twist cookies

When was the last time you had a really good peanut butter cookie?  Really nutty, totally satisfying, not the bland-fake-beige-too sweet version?  It took some creativity but my daughter came up with this very unusual version of peanut butter cookies that have a healthy twist.  I am never going back. Happy one of two… Continue reading Snow-day baking; Peanut Butter Twist cookies

Creative Inspirations

Is being artistic genetic?

In my humble career as a visual artist and colorist, I continually hear the reluctant statement from others longing to pursue some form of art, “But I am not creative like you.” That statement begs the question, is being creative-artistic genetic, or is it a learned discipline just any other activity? A lot has been… Continue reading Is being artistic genetic?


A day in the studio; the gift of time

It is wonderful when it happens; that day uninterrupted, when ideas bubble up, thoughts are finished and we get the feeling of completed satisfaction when it is done.  I had two days like that this week in the studio.  The end of summer.  Pure bliss. One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is… Continue reading A day in the studio; the gift of time