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Experiencing joy while making change

The changing of the calendar can be fraught with good intentions turned sour when the implications of the must-do new goals interfere with our joy of living. But when sprinkled with creativity goals can become actual joy rather than drudgery. This concept of joie de vivre (joy of life) while making change is not a… Continue reading Experiencing joy while making change

Color Theory

The beauty of neutral

As the season and sunlight slips away, nature plays its visual tricks of on us. The chemistry of color takes hold and the natural world around us becomes neutralized. But we don't really notice the loss of color though, because when neutral is played against itself, subtle becomes vibrant and all the negative descriptions of… Continue reading The beauty of neutral

Creative Inspirations

Is being artistic genetic?

In my humble career as a visual artist and colorist, I continually hear the reluctant statement from others longing to pursue some form of art, “But I am not creative like you.” That statement begs the question, is being creative-artistic genetic, or is it a learned discipline just any other activity? A lot has been… Continue reading Is being artistic genetic?