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Color and iconography

Entrance gardens; janebalshaw.com

Color has a visceral effect on us and, when repetitively combined with shape, can powerfully imprint our memories. As an art form I find this an endlessly fascinating method of creative expression. Think about it; Stop Sign red or a white apple or golden arches…Iconography in our daily life trains us, reminds us – even sells us – and therefore creates emotion.

When I started up my aesthetics business again after having retired from it years before, I used symbolic hues to reinforce the principles of my color theory. To represent the three color groups I chose a yellow skin tone peach, a red hued pinkish skin tone and a blue based cherry skin tone for my interior/exterior design as well as my graphic design.

I laid the floor in the aesthetics studio and painted the entrance hallway stair treads with these colors.Floor and stairs; janebalshaw studiosI made quilts for the walls in these colors…Circles quilt; janebalshaw.com. All rights reserved.IMG_3530And I created a logo for my skincare products….

Combined with the circle shape, this color combination has been a subtle nod  what I do, and now has evolved to become how people find me in my rural surroundings.

In preparing for my open studio a couple week-ends ago I decided at long last to hang a larger road sign at the back of our property along a well-traveled rural state route. I should have done it years ago but being timid combined with the promise of a very complicated process made it all daunting.  I finally took the challenge.

I designed the sign myself then purchased the light weight Alupanel sign board and vinyl lettering from my local sign company, Advantage Signs (they have been incredible to work with!)  I applied the lettering then I painted my own circle logo using artist’s acrylic paint sanding the board first then sealing it with a water-based clear polyurethane.

The sign itself was huge and because it needed to be hung from a tree I hired an arborist to hang it for me.

IMG_3432And, while this sign has presence, many people still miss the turn to my studios so I used iconography to direct them further. The town I live in says “only one sign per business” so symbols were the only way to direct people here.  I positioned the circles and color all along the route leading right up to the studio doors.

IMG_3418 (1)IMG_3534IMG_3468IMG_3470IMG_3472IMG_3461

Creativity happens when you least expect it.  Let me know how you feel about this post!

Entrance gardens; janebalshaw.com

The colours of Roussillon


 I have discovered while on holiday this week, that each hill village here in Provence has its own visual character. Yes, Provençal Style conjures up well known images but as an artist I have found the nuances fastinating.  Each village based on orientation to the sun and the mineralized earth around it informs the personality of the enhabitants.  Historically lives are formed from this.

And so Roussillon with its hills rich with ochre has literally built itself on the pursuit of color.  This long wave-length high-energy color tinged with sunlight yellow invites compliments of other vivid tones sharing in the same base color yellow.  Houses are stuccoed and shutters are washed in this palette of warmth.