Creative in the Kitchen

Cranberry Orange Chutney

I started making English-style chutneys years ago because they are such a versatile condiment. Both savory and sweet, both tangy and complex, to my palette they are a great touch of umami to be used with any dish. My daughter and I worked out this Holiday version when she was just 11 years old. We… Continue reading Cranberry Orange Chutney

Creative Inspirations

The Quilters Christmas Gift

I know of no other group of people that are more giving than quilters. On November 8th my sister Niña called me from her car as she and her boyfriend drove out of Paradise, California through the flames of the now infamous Camp Fire, leaving behind her home to burn to the ground.  The horror and… Continue reading The Quilters Christmas Gift

Creative Inspirations

We are all mothers #2

Mother; the giver of life. While it takes two to tango, the carrier is whom we call Mother and who we give credit for life. And while biologically some of us have carried and many of us have not, it is this essence of mothering that I want to honor today because all of us… Continue reading We are all mothers #2