About my color theory

The Triadic Color Theory System™

I use three color wheels, each based on one of the 3 primary colors, then achieve the intermediate colors by applying the Golden Ratio expressed through the Fibonacci Sequence.

Many great thinkers throughout history, ranging from poets and painters to physicians and philosophers, have surmised the likelihood of an underlying unifying order to all things of the universe, both material and immaterial. Quite often this mysterious underpinning has been  understood as equations and mathematical sequences providing the basis for or as an explanation of the origins of all things.

The Golden Ratio is perhaps the preeminent standard equation which has spawned inquiry and imagination in countless great thinkers throughout the ages. While its precise period of discovery is unknown, the Golden Ratio has been explored and utilized by ancient Egyptians and Greeks dating back to at least 400 BC. Since then, the Golden Ratio has been reinterpreted by all classes of thinkers and for all kinds of purposes. 13th century Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano Bigollo, also known as Fibonacci, expounded on the intricacies of number theory and depicted the Golden Ratio as a series of numbers that went on to be called The Fibonacci Sequence.

The Fibonacci Sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc.) is called a recursive sequence in that each number equals the sum of the two preceding numbers. This building or layering of numbers, when applied to material structures, creates a self-repeating curvature, a basic geometric shape that is seen in virtually all natural creations such as shells, leaves, flowers and even human anatomy. This geometric shape, or recursive sequence of numbers, is scalable to the immaterial realms as well. Divisions of space in the form of color, light and sound can also be found to exhibit this fundamental sequence of numbers as expressed through energy.

It is precisely the use of this number sequence in the immaterial realms that has inspired me to create my own color theory that I call The Triadic Color Theory System™. It was through the observation of human coloring, while practicing the art of aesthetics, that I noticed how individuals exhibited either a red, yellow or blue cast that ran true through eyes, skin and hair.  Understanding that a coordinating color palette must share this same underlying to-nation led me to develop three separate color wheels based on red, yellow and blue, divisible only when the Fibonacci number sequence was applied.  Another nod to the fact that, even in color, this mathematical underpinning is a solid basis for any analytical process.

I assemble and analyze color through this understanding and find that the results are incredibly pleasing to the eye.