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Sliding into summer; creative projects

I’ve been enjoying that in-between feeling where the last blossoms of spring are falling and the snorts of hot air are pushing the new plantings towards the sky. Nights are sometimes still cool here and the unpredictable New England climate makes my mind wander into centuries past when creativity here was necessity to thrive. It’s… Continue reading Sliding into summer; creative projects

Creative in the Kitchen

Change of season creative inspirations

Its fall and the gardens are winding down here at my country home and studio.  This time of year is always settling to me as though the plants and I have run a long, hot race through summer and now we can rest on our laurels.  Artistic inspiration always comes.  Here is what I am thinking...… Continue reading Change of season creative inspirations

Creative Projects

Old House rehab 2; completing the exterior

Through stops and starts working against mother nature's autumn time clock, the exterior of our little house project is completed.  That before & after computer mock-up I did really helped me plan my colors with the plant material, purchasing at the end of the season while trying to imagine their blooms at other times of the year.  Except for… Continue reading Old House rehab 2; completing the exterior