Seasonal outdoor inspirations

My husband and I escaped from the traditional turkey/cranberry/shopping week-end this year and headed way north to Quebec City, Canada to enjoy the old-city and its magical winter traditions.  Living winter outside is big here and Christmas marks the beginning of "plein air" festival season.  We walked for hours each day into the evening in… Continue reading Seasonal outdoor inspirations

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Sliding into summer; creative projects

I’ve been enjoying that in-between feeling where the last blossoms of spring are falling and the snorts of hot air are pushing the new plantings towards the sky. Nights are sometimes still cool here and the unpredictable New England climate makes my mind wander into centuries past when creativity here was necessity to thrive. It’s… Continue reading Sliding into summer; creative projects


The making of an art quilt

"How long did it take you to make that?" is the question most often asked.  The honest answer? Weeks.  And months.  To create something original in stitched fabric - without a pattern, without a super clear direction - it does take a very long time as the piece builds upon itself before one's very eyes.  It's… Continue reading The making of an art quilt


flavor notes and musical color

The drive home - just over an hour accompanied by the lull of humming tires - scattered thoughts and fragments from the day often morph together forming new clusters of contemplation that make for the most interesting conversation. Such was one that David and I had last week about the connection between the notes of flavor,… Continue reading flavor notes and musical color