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16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 6

16 color grad day 6 best

Well THESE created quite the reaction!  Picture this; me in an extra-large johnnie—billowing, bunchy so my neck disappeared, no waist, down to my ankles, baby blue—with these shoes coming out the bottom!

Techs:  [Very studiously] I LIKE those shoes.

Me: You challenged me yesterday so I had to try these high-heeled shoes out again.

Techs:  I can’t wear high-heeled shoes [we all say that].

Conversation…how to apply eyeliner, Mothers Day, the events for the next week-end….

Tech: I really do like those shoes.

Me: They are Clarks with padding inside.  You could probably wear them.

Out to the lobby where I meet the delightful wigged woman who always follows me and who has had it way worse than me.  BIG smile and BIG laugh…

Delightful woman:  Those shoes with the johnnie!!

Techs:  And look, she matches her make-up and earrings too!

Delightful woman:  I was just noticing that!

Mission accomplished.  Entertainment for the day.

SIDE NOTE:  For those of you over age 60 like me, the trick to wearing high-heeled shoes is to throw the shoulders back, stick the boobs out, suck in the waist, swing the hips and take small steps one foot in front of the other.  Okay, that’s a lot of work.  Maybe just every once in a while.

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6 thoughts on “16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 6”

  1. Well done, as always, Jane .Having worked in health care, I know those techs and fellow patients appreciate your efforts and attitude.As for the heels, I have 1 pair in my closet which Donna G tells me are out of style, but which I keep anyway in case there’s a must wear black heels occasion, and 2 pair of wedge heels for summer which are more tolerable. In any case, next time I donn either of them I will strive to incorporate your postural instructions. Reminded me of my Grandfather, Col. Herman Work’s admonitions, “Chest out, stomach in, forward march!” And so you advance, bravely, to the next step toward healing. Love you.

    1. Love back at ya Deb! And truth be told, I think we should all keep a pair of heels in our closet! Keeps us young. And nice to hear your feed back on the techs. Working 8 hours in dark rooms with no sunlight is tough…they need the color! 🙂

  2. That’s some fine attitude you have Jane! I really love today’s colours……..and the shoes!

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