16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 7

16 color grad day 8

Well summer hit here today—94 degrees!—so it required sandals and a celebratory color.  Since all the daffodils faded in the heat and I was not yet done with their cheery countenance, I decided to mimic them instead.  People are amazed that a “winter” type coloring can wear yellow but my skin is quite golden and when a cooler shade is chosen then paired against other cooler colors it works.

I have to admit that there was less conversation about shoes today and more was on the excellent interpretation of my eyeliner tutorial from the day before.

Tech 1: See how well I did with my eyeliner?!  The trick worked!

Me: Fantastic! [It really was.]

Tech 2: Did you notice that the other tech and I wore matching colors today by mistake?  We are trying to avoid being seen together.

Me: Why?  That can be fun to match!  Sounds to me like we should do a color challenge…next week you guys.

Techs.  OK!

Stay tuned.


First time something matched the johnnie!

6 responses to 16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 7

  1. Writer Lori

    Love the fun you’re having with this, Jane, AND getting the techs in on the game. ☺️ Your creative spirit shines like a beacon!!


    • janebalshaw creative Post Author

      Guilty as charged Joyce. I collect shoes-just got rid of a lot (that, BY THE WAY, I wished I had kept!)-and most of them are 20+ years old. I am afraid I could do a month of changes. LOL!


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