Commissioned work

Most of my work is commissioned. I enjoy the challenge of interpreting my clients interests and their personal style into a finished one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.

A Tuscan-landscape inspired tapestry for clients wanting to express their Italian heritage. Hand painted cotton, stitched and embellished with hand formed botanicals. Click to see slide show.

An impressionist view of her property, this was created for a biologist who wanted to express all the living creatures that resided there. Each piece of fabric was printed or painted with 85 various critters to create the overall texture.


Various commissioned work inspired by the color palette of the rooms where they were to be placed, with imagery reflecting the activity within each place. Click to see slide show.

Commissioned by Frisbee Memorial Hospital; Rochester, NH. I was given swatches of upholstery fabric and wall color to create a coordinating design. Click to see slide show.

Commissioned by Sanborn Head and Associates; Concord, NH. Each panel includes custom printed fabrics using imagery of their various projects. Click to see slide show.