My skincare philosophy

Euchlora header 8:15Understanding that the skin mirrors what is going on inside of the body is the under lying principle of holistic skincare. By applying this non-symptomatic approach to non-toxic clinical skincare practices, positive results are achieved. All my products adhere to this ideal.

What is holistic skincare? Holistic skincare is caring for the skin with at-home products that work with and engage the natural healthy functions of the whole body. Life style and hormonal factors are considered using aromatherapies for balance along with mineral, herbal and non-toxic compounded remedies to address the symptoms. The use of these safe remedies allows the body to recognize and receive the treatment, rather reject it like many traditional medicines, because their compounds are chemically compatible with the body.

What is clinical skincare? Clinical skincare, also called Paramedical skincare, is the practice of supporting the medical profession by treating skin disorders. Master estheticians, such as myself, have receive advanced training to address difficult skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, acne, lupus, keratoses, sun damage, allergy, wounds and burns to name the most common.


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