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Make-up at its best should not show.  The exception to this rule is Statement Color* or stage make-up but for daily use most of us want it to feel invisible. Invisible texturally – not cakey, not heavy, not thick – and invisible color that blends in and does not really show . We should wear make-up because we want to enhance our natural features while embracing the feminine ritual of self care.

A mistake is made by thinking that to achieve this natural enhancement make-up needs to be very sheer or rubbed in. In fact, invisibility is only achieved if the color is directly related to the hues present in our skin which allows an inexperienced hand to apply and reapply without ever looking “made-up”. Correct imperfections with total coverage or simply highlight what is there; it all becomes invisible when the hues are correct.

Using my Triadic Color Theory System I can custom-blend and help you choose make-up color that is spot-on perfect for you.

*Statement color is make-up worn as wearable art, to express fashion or to serve as an accessory to your wardrobe…red lipstick or black cat-eyeliner are examples.


Try-on session:  There is no fee to simply try on make-up colors or have me custom-blend a product for you.  Please book an appointment and we can play!

Principle Make-up Lesson Session: Geared towards individuals who have struggled to make flattering make-up choices or to understand their face shape & hair color, this comprehensive lesson is the primary tool for using cosmetics. Make-up tones are selected and blended then applied with a tutorial on technique. Skin tones are analyzed using my Triadic Color Theory System©, facial shape & hair color is discussed, before and after instructional photos are taken and a face chart will be colored to take home as a record for duplication. 90 minutes $65

First Look Session: An introductory lesson to understanding proper skin care and appropriate make-up color choices for your young teens or pre-teens. Includes self-esteem coaching. 45 minutes, $50 minimum product purchase

Artist’s update Make-up Session: If you are already skilled at applying your make-up but may want a change, let me design and apply a new make-up look for you. Recommended at the change of each season or with wardrobe changes. Come with clean prepped skin. 45 minutes; NO FEE but minimum $50 make-up purchase required

Makeup application: When you want to look your best for a special occasion I can design and apply a professional make-up look. The difference between this and an update is the professional technique that a layman could not easily duplicate at home. Bring your garments and jewelry; I will clean and prep your skin. 45 minutes $60; Bridal make-up including one test application $150 (includes mini-facial with final application)

Paramedical Make-up Lesson: For when there is special need to correct the skin’s hyper or hypo-pigmentation or post surgery discoloration, this design lesson will teach you how to flatter your coloring and naturally even out skin tones. Utilizing counter-balancing color theory, I will teach you while I apply and set specialized paramedical and cosmetic make-up to reflect your personal needs, style, lifestyle and age. Watch me color a face chart for you to take home so you can duplicate the look. Before and after digital photos are also included. 60 minutes $60

Camouflage Make-up Application: For specialized occasions when there is a need to conceal parts of your inherent skin coloring. Vitiligo, tattoos, birth marks, etc. Any body part excluding private areas. This service is for the concealment only; face make-up application is a separate service. $30 per half hour

PERSONAL COLOR ANALYSIS…a painted study of your skin tones to serve as a colored shopping guide for clothing and make-up.  Read all about it here…

see before and after photos here…

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