My color philosphy

Personal color???Understanding what colors harmonize with you can be transformative.

As an artist I am geared to see color in relationship to itself, understanding that nuances of hue can drive the entire picture in one direction or another. Simply stated as an example, classic red is not just red; it can be pinky rhubarb red, fire engine red, purply lipstick red or russet apple red…. Just go to the paint store and see all the varying shades of that primary color. Red is not just red.  

Depending on how color is tinged decides what other colors will blend with it.

In the early 1980’s I developed my Triadic Color Theory System© based on the observation of 100’s of faces from my many years of make-up artistry. I noticed a predominance of either red, yellow or blue in each set of skin, hair and eyes which led me to use these three primary colors to make 3 new color wheels to choose coordinating color from. Like magic, this opened up the logical, inclusive coordination of color in every hue not just warm or cool. Warm and cool is subjective terminology because what looks warm against one color may look cool against another color. Good design should include both of these opposites for balance and spark as long as they are related. Coloring our bodies or our homes should be about this balance, of comfort and completion and about the subtle coordination that sneaks in without presenting as being “matched”. This is harmony. Read more about my color theory here…
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