Peels; face, arms, back

peels-headerAll my peels work on the superficial layers of the skin; they do not penetrate beyond the epidermis or papillary dermis and should not be confused with a medical peel administered by a physician. They are designed to accelerate the natural sloughing process of the skin to reveal smoother skin, to remove surface imperfections or to dry out acne. Peels include post home-care instruction and pre-consultation is required.


SELECTIVE MICRO-PEELS; peels that instantaneously target certain needs in the surface of the skin and also stimulate deeper change. No down time, little or no flaking.
Super-smoothing ultra-sonic + glycolic + botanical enzyme peel. Reduces fine lining and scarring, aids in keratosis removal and brightens the skin. Enzymes and dosage tailored to each skin type and weather conditions. $50; see complete facial
Acne dry-out glycol, salicylic, aloe and herbs peel. Penetrates follicles to allow embedded debris to release from the skin, kills bacteria and flattens pimples. $30
Plumping lactic, aloe and essential oils peel. Smooths skin to reduce fine lining while softening and plumping-up dehydrated and/or aging skin. Stimulates deeper activity to firm the skin. $30

PROGRESSIVE PARAMEDICAL PEELS; peels that work in slow motion to create a deeper release of damage in the skin. Residue flaking or gentle peeling of the skin occurs in the week following the procedure.
Photo-damage reversal peel. Vitamin C, retinol and oxygen penetrate to soften and firm slack skin and reduce hyper-pigmentation. $60
Lightening Gel peel. A strong dose of lactic & salicylic acids exfoliate upper layers while vitamin C, azelaic & kojic acids bleach skin tissue $60
▪ Other specialty peels are available on an individual basis.

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