Skin care

Facials header 9:16Knowing that the health of the skin is supported by the hormone-regulated endocrine system and thus the emotions, I offer deeply relaxing facials in a private, tranquil setting that allows the skin to heal and renew itself while intensive treatment is performed.

Skin consultation for home care – A skin analysis including measurements of moisture content, amplified visual analysis and evaluation of your existing home care products. Recommendations will be made for treatments and a personalized skin care routine of Euchlora products can be created to address any skin condition. Focus can be on maintaining already great skin or stimulating skin functions to create renewal. Can include custom-created products for your unique needs. Good home care extends the benefits of your facials. 30 mins; NO fee.  Minimum $50 product purchase   Includes free-of-charge follow up visit for evaluation/adjustments.  Recommendation: review at change of season.  Included with all facials; no purchase required.

The Aromatherapeutic Wellness Facial – The health and radiance of your skin is imporved with massage and the penetration of aromatic plant essences.  This custom-blended facial cleanses, tones and hydrates the skin while inducing deep relaxation in a cloud of aromatherapeutic essences. Includes hand exfoliation with massage.  Non-invasive, any skin type.  50 minutes $95

The Red Carpet Facial – We all want the glowing skin of a Red Carpet celebrity whether we have an event or not.  This layered, deep hydration facial could be called a “plumping facial” because skin is filled with moisture & peptides to flush out fine lines and crepeing for a fully rounded and healthy-hued complexion.  If you are using this for an event, come to me before your hair is styled.  Consider a make-up application following the facial.  Not recommended for congested skin.  50 minutes $95

The Ultrasonic Deep Renewal Facial – Periodically your skin benefits from deep exfoliation to loosen built up damaged skin caused by sun, acne or injury.  Herbal enzymes mixed with glycolic or lactic acids dissolve the bonds that hold the less-than-perfect layers of the skin, then an ultrasonic peeling tool removes them.  Skin is rebalanced with hydrating fluids, apple stem cells and peptides for a super-smooth finish.  Any skin type……50 minutes $95; face/neck/chest OR hands/full arms

The Age Lift Facial – Slack skin & jowls due to not-enough sleep, dehydration or age can benefit from muscle re-education and tissue tightening.  This facial incorporates several modalities to lift the skin and tone the muscles.  My proprietary vitamin C sculpting massage coupled with micro-current & oxygen muscle stimulation, further aided by lymphatic drainage, leaves the skin visibly tighter, brighter and more glowing.  Not recommended for deeply congested skin. 60+ minutes $125

Illuminating Facial – If your skin is hyper-pigmented due to over exposure to the sun or scarring, it can benefit from topical bleaching.  Surface pigmented cells are removed with lactic acid scrubs and ultra-sonic, then lower layers of skin are bleached with my proprietary blends of vitamins and herbs.  50 minutes $95

Soothe It Facial – If your skin suffers from rosacea, eczema or general rashes this facial is pure relief.  With the use of anti-inflammatory herbs & oils, anti-histamines and cool temperatures, your skin is cleaned and calmed resulting in an average 75% reduction of redness and improved comfort.  50 minutes $95

Focus Benefits Facial – This abbreviated, no-frills facial focuses on one specific skin need.  Excellent for acne management, keratosis touch-ups or quick hydration.  40 minutes $65; face/chest OR back

Focus Micro-Current Facial – Just like boot camp, persistent facial muscle stimulation over a controlled period of time creates more visible lift with lasting results.  After a brief cleansing and exfoliation, a micro-current is directed into muscles, then skin is finished with peptides and moisture.  30 minutes $55

Custom Facials – while I may suggest one of my facials from this menu, I can also create a specialized session incorporating many elements to treat your specific skin needs.  60 – 80 minutes from $95

Mini services – Add an extra boost to your facial by extending it with a mini service.  See a listing here…


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