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Unexpected blessings

It pays to keep your eyes and mind open to the possibility of blessings when you least expect them.  Such was my experience on Tuesday when I was lost in the unfamiliar neighborhoods of Manchester.   Driving in “that” direction towards what I hoped would be the connection to I93, I happened upon The Mercy of God African Market.

It is here in this odd looming store front with darkened doors that you can find many treasures from a part of the African cuisine.  (OR you can have your “junk car picked up for free” – everything you need under one roof.)

For the hard to find protein there were freezers full (or semi-full)…
 …and for the unusual produce, it was plentiful.It were the shelved goods that tickled my artists fancy; such fabulous color and design but what the heck is Fufu?  Turns out fufu is a dumpling-like staple in central and western Africa made from ground starchy vegetables or semolina.  Every culture has a love affair with dough it seems. I came home with a token purchase to honor efforts of the traditionally dressed lovely chocolate-brown proprietress but the best thing I came home with was her blessing.

“African Market.  African Market.  God bless you.”

“God bless you.”

“God be with you”

“And also with you”


Amen indeed.

Above: pure palm oil from Guana – doctors are now saying it is not so bad after all for us so I may try it in some cooking.  A pliable big glob of raw shea butter – gorgeous.  Looks a lot like the west African shea Nilotica that I purchase from my wholesale supplier for some of my skincare products.  It contains a high concentration cinnamate which is a natural sunscreen.