Art Explorations

Images of water and First Friday fodder! 8/1

This Friday from 5-8PM, in conjuction with the First Friday art gallery openings here in Portsmouth, I am showing my newest collection of artworks at the Shapley Townhouse in Strawbery Banke.  All water themed, they might be fodder for your own inspirations!  Please come and share some light refreshments with me; 454 Court St. Above;… Continue reading Images of water and First Friday fodder! 8/1

Art Explorations, Life Inspirations

Happy Halloween Halloween, All Saints Day or All Hallows Day, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Samhain (The Feast of the Dead).....many cultures celebrate those who have lived before us in the 48 hours ending October and starting November.  Right outside my back door in the Strawbery Banke village Museum where I keep my… Continue reading Happy Halloween

Art Explorations

Color study; painting with plants

I have been given the opportunity to maintain the garden strip and planter in front of the building in Strawbery Banke where my esthetics studio is; my own "community garden" if you will.  As a Storekeep I want the entrance to my business to be tidy and beautiful so this is yet another way I… Continue reading Color study; painting with plants