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It’s time to change your make-up colors

color_NEWHopefully most of us are getting to spend more time outside now!  Along with that sun exposure comes a deepened skin tone so what make-up colors you wore beautifully in the winter are now probably making your skin look a little dull.  Your foundation probably looks a little gray/pasty, your blush may look dull and your eyeshadows might just disappear.  Here is the color theory on that.

gray + yellow:redMelanin (skin pigment) is a yellow-red brownish color. A less pigmented skin will take on a bluish gray cast as the more translucent cells show off the blue blood flow beneath [blood only turns red when it is exposed to air].  When you combine the blueish gray with the yellow-red it makes brown skin color.

To flatter a pale skin tone that is cooler/bluer, more subtle and less pigmented with that yellow-red,  softer & grayer, more complex colors work best.

To flatter a darker skin tones that are warmer, redder and more pigmented, make-up colors need to be brighter color to show up.  

Subtle grayish/brownish make-up tones turn to mud when applied to darkened skin tones that are naturally saturated with yellow-red pigment; they neutralize or cancel each other out.  Wear brighter colors instead.

winter summer blushdsc03818

Contact me for your free-of-charge make-up update to try on some new make-up colors or have a new foundation blended.  Right now many of us are favoring mineral powder foundations blended to just the right color and texture; they feel light weight in the heat/humidity and provide an SPF protection of around 26.

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Spring make-up trends for faces over 40


Make-up trends are dictated by the changes in clothing; new colors and new styles mean a new emphasis or de-emphasis on the face.  We all should have a classic make-up look based on our personal style but it is fun to sometimes change-up the make-up tones or application.  Spring is a great time to do that.

The color corporation, Pantone, has declared that Radiant Orchid is the color of the year 2014.  So make-up colors as an accessory have followed suit…spring make-up color

…honing in on that particular shade from the palette that fabric mills have created for garments to be made from this season.colors for spring 2014But a mature face does not do well with strong color.  What works well to create a dramatic statement on a younger face or runway model….radiant orchid make-up

…only looks garish and painted on a soft-focus canvas.

The rule of thumb for wearing color on a mature face is to use sheer hints of color combined with neutral skin tones.

To match the current fashion styles and vivid colors seen in clothing, make-up trends have become more subdued but more stylized.

Look number one: NUDENude looks 3

Using colors that naturally appear in the skin when you flush a little bit, they are applied on the natural curvatures of the face without changing the contrast.  On a mature face they translate like this, contouring through the crease of the eye to recreate that open look and defining the lashes…03-22-12-Mature-woman-using-blush-brush.-338x35001-Judi-Dench-80114494Look number two: BOLD LIPS, SOFT EYESberry lips red lips orange lips

Bold lip colors in orchid, berry, cherry red and orange can be worn as an accessory to match that color worn in clothing.  Because the color is so strong, cheek color is minimal/neutralish and eye color is simply a sweep of pale tone – often sheer white to brighten, lift and simplify the face.

On a mature face, the look translates like this – sheer strong lip color for just a wash of that tone and while the eyes are brightened with pale tones, they are still shaded for lift and lash emphasis:

th-1image-makeoversHere are some of the colors I keep in stock at Euchlora to accomplish these looks; lips…DSC05355 DSC05356

…and eyes…DSC05358

If you would like to have me design a spring make-up look just for you consider a Make-Up Enhancement Lesson.  If you have already had this session with me then all you need is an Update Session.

My make-up studio keeps a Banke of cosmetic color ready to fill into compacts chosen just for you.  In addition, I can custom blend any color or any texture of make-up foundations or lip colors and stock a many loose mica pigments that can be worn as-is.

Please contact me for a lesson, update or simply to try on some color.

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