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How to line your lips

Lip lining is a mystery to some of us.  Why do it?  Because as we age we loose that natural line that defines the lips from the rest of the face. The natural pigmentation in the skin of our lips fades; ever felt like your mouth just disappeared?  The less-creamy texture of a pencil also acts like a stop barrier disallowing your lipstick to creep outward keeping it precisely where you want it.

The quick video above shows the method of lining.  Because of the way the muscles are formed around the mouth, pencil glides on easier if you line from the corner of the mouth to the center angling your pencil by resting your hand on your chin.  Pencil applied straight on gives a hard line while pencil swooped on using the side of the pencil gives a more feathered look.

lip chart final


There are many colors of lip pencils to choose from.  Favoring a brownish skin tone is best for correcting shape while using a color enhances the shade of your lipstick.  Using a cool tone with a warm lipstick adds volume while using the opposite can help graduate down the size of fuller lips.

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Product knowledge; MicaShimmer lipgloss

DSC04653It seems funny that I would devote a whole post to lip gloss but if you are at all a tactile hyper-sensitive person like me, you will agree that it is OK to be excited about this lip gloss!

Most of us are attracted to the sheer, shiny appearance of a lip gloss; a little glimmer, a little polish with a no-fuss application – the limited pigment lets you apply it carefree without even looking.  And as a make-up artist I love it for that understated look.  However, most formulas on the market are very sticky so that they will stay on (ah the romance of wind-blown hair stuck to your lip!).  In addition, and of great concern to me, is the fact that modified chemicals are used to get this stay-on shine.  They taste terrible so are masked with fake flavors and the whole glop leaves me wondering why bother.

Because I love the look of lip gloss and love good color, I tried all the brands but without success – so I finally just made some myself.  It took lots of trials but I just came up with a simple, clean formula tinted with my famous approach to color.  They are made with a  blend of castor oil, bees & carnauba waxes and a highly active form of vitamin E so not only are they glossy but are so, so good for your lips…healing and moisturizing.  The see-through color comes from natural mineral oxides and mica sparkle.  It’s those ingredients and that’s it; clean and simple and beautiful.  $15

So here is my COLOR THEORY behind the tints that I made…

Because the nature of a lip gloss is to be sheer, it allows for the possibility of lifting or enhancing your natural lip color without having to cover it up like a traditional lipstick does.  A vivid, clear hue can amplify the natural undertones of your lip color or it can tone down the overtones in your lip color if you desire.

For example: if you have a cool, blue-rose tone in your skin an icy sheer pink will amplify your coloring for a dressed up natural look.  Another example using the theory of complimentary opposite colors: if you have very dark & purple colored lips, applying a sheer beige color will counter-act their tone if you are wishing for a softer lip.

Come in to try some on; jbalshaw@comcast.net  603-491-7305

Color names in descending order: Orchid Wine, Pink Pink, Watermelon, Tangerine, Penny, Champagne and Candlelight.