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Lift ’em! Remedies for jowls and a bouncy spirit

We each hope that we will be graceful accepting the gentle slide towards wizened age-dom. The sags, lines and scars on our bodies are placeholders to remind us of the events that gave us this wisdom and to help keep our vanity in check. Putting a positive spin on it, it’s those memories of languid… Continue reading Lift ’em! Remedies for jowls and a bouncy spirit

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The Art of the Bath

Oozing into warmth, the quiver of contrast giving way to the rush of blissful release...ahhhh, the comfort of The Bath!  But more times than not when I am invited in to see someone’s newly remodeled bathroom, there sits center stage - framed in artisan tile work, punctuated with gleaming metal apparatus, flanked by artwork -  a… Continue reading The Art of the Bath