Open Studio 2019

Sat/Sun November 2 and 3, 10:00AM – 5:00PM. Open Studio each year is the unveiling of many new works and new processes. Featured here is my latest collection PLUS many previous works on display too!

New work 2019

“Into the Unknown”, 42″ x 42″ Painted, appliquéd and quilted cotton. $1200.00
detail of above
“Merry-Go-Round”, 34″ x 25″. Painted, dyed, appliquéd and quilted cotton. $750.00
detail of above

Above images and more coming later today 11/1/19; acrylic on canvas.

When buying from an artist/maker, you’re buying more than just an object/painting.  You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation.  You are buying days, weeks & months of frustration and moments of PURE JOY.  YOU AREN’T JUST BUYING A THING, you are buying a piece of heart, part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life.  Most importantly, you’re buying the artist more time to do something that they are passionate about. Thank you for considering my work!