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$95 class fee + $15 kit fee = $110 total fee

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I believe that everyone has creative genius lurking in their DNA but until it is sparked it may lay dormant.  I maintain that Creativity is discipline and like most ideals, it takes practice to get it going.  

Over the years I have found an 8-step methodical process for getting my creative juices going and applying that juice to any project I am working on.  That process works for anything — quilting, cooking, garden design, etc — so the more the process is used, the more creative your entire life becomes.

Join me in working through my creative design process and finish the workshop with a 12” x 16” collaged & quilted art piece of your own design.

During the day you will learn:

  • my 8-step design process
  • basic design principles and color theory
  • the difference between a technique and a design
  • Abstract pattern-making
  • Free-form piecing
  • how to stretch quilted art onto a frame

Prepare for the workshop by doing some homework & bringing your supplies. Download complete workshop syllabus here

 PURCHASE A $15 KIT FROM ME WHICH INCLUDES: Pre-sized pattern papers, canvas frame to stretch your quilt onto, use of my textile paint and permanent pencils for embellishments.

$95 class fee + $15 kit fee = $110 total fee.


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