monollage, “Purple Mountain Majesty”


Printed and collaged textile artwork.  21″ x 21″


Monollage = monotype + collage.  Every monollage begins with a piece of fabric that I printed using my custom-blended textile paints.  The fabric is usually abstract and non-representational which is the fun for me.  I study the various parts of the over-all design until “I see” something in it that suggests an object or a feeling.

In this case I saw mountains and with the red dripping down it suggested a patriotic color scheme which triggered the name and then how I would move forward with the rest of the piece.

I then sewed various pieces of painted and dyed fabric into the original piece, hand appliquéd more layers, needle-felted wool stars and embroidered very tiny dots to mimic the dots in the original pieces of painted fabric.

The entire assembly was then sandwiched with batting and a backing fabric then stitched together.  My husband David assembles the hardwood frames that I then custom-paint to match the work and wall hanging wire is attached to the back.

If you would like to see this work in person please contact me for a studio visit.  


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