Leaf lapel pin; Drought Maple


Hand painted and fused cotton cloth; pin back. 2″



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When I first moved from California to this state of New Hampshire, I was utterly startled the first time I saw the changing color of leaves in the fall.  Photos I had seen of them seemed ‘enhanced’ but here they were in real life just as brilliant and as saturated as those surrealistic photos!

I found that I needed to test my eyes, so I set about mixing paint to recreate those colors–and the blends WERE true to the pigments!  Determined to test it further, I then painted each leaf to see if I could recreate them.  What I began was a yearly habit of picking up the most interesting fallen leaves then recreating them with paint on white cotton fabric, then fusing them to a backing to become little works of art.

Each leaf is an original painting.  Wear it alone or in a cluster of a few and start counting how many times someone try to brush off the “real leaf” on your shoulder.  Arrives in a gift box.

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