landscape, “Canterbury Center Graveyard in the Fall” 2


Painted cotton original wall quilt; framed  12″ x 16″

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I have always loved landscapes and I have always loved architecture. And although I have painted them on traditional surfaces, I am always drawn to painting on cloth.  In this way, the imagery is more challenging for me with no room for error and, as such, lends the process to be more loose and free.  It is my own artistic interpretation after all.  🙂

I use two types of paint for this process.  One is a liquid water-color medium and the other is a creamy paint paste both of which I custom create and custom tint to my preference.  These mediums are blended to create the colors I want and are layered in various ways to achieve the over-all effect.

Once the painting is finished it is heat dried then iron dried to make the pigment permanent.  I then layer it up as I would any quilt and stitch some details into the piece then finish with embroidery to emphasis some of the features.

The piece comes framed and ready to hang on a wall.  If you would like to see this quilt in person please contact me for a studio visit.


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