framed quilt, red tones – “My French Table 2” SOLD


Textiles paint, oil pastel crayon and ink pencil on cotton. 12″ x 12″  One-of-a-kind quilt.

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The colors of Provence are sun drenched and vivid with ochre-laden hills and fields of bloom. Even in the autumn, vineyards and orchards are bright with saturated tones of warmth and the skies are shockingly blue.  No doubt this is why traditional printed Provincial fabrics contain these pallets.  

This hand-painted still-life creation was assembled to reflect that light and color. The studies for the apples were harvested from the Canterbury Shaker Village heirloom orchards.

The cloth for this quilt was colored with textile paint, oil-pastel crayons and ink pencil on white or hand-dyed cotton cloth.  These fabrics are mixed with a few commercial cottons as well.

With its edges carefully turned under, the pieces were hand appliquéd onto the painted ground and piece-work surrounds it.  The final square was layered with batting and a backing and sewn through to create quilted patterning.  It comes in a maple hardwood frame.



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