framed quilt, blue tones – “Sunrise”


Textile paint and ink pencil on cotton. 12″ x 12″  One-of-a-kind quilt.

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Living in New England in my rural setting I have the pleasure each morning of looking through the trees to the hills in a distance.  As the sun rises the sky becomes more and more blue until it is fully saturated; then bleeds through the trees, casting long shadows until it has fully risen.  The quilt is an abstracted interpretation of that view.

The cloth for this quilt was colored with textile paint, and ink pencil on white or hand-dyed cotton cloth.  With its edges carefully turned inward, cut-outs were reverse appliquéd by hand underneath the painted ground.  The final square was layered with batting and a backing and sewn through to create quilted patterning then embellished with embroidery.  It comes in a maple hardwood frame.



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