Coffee Think Orange


Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 12 x .5

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David Balshaw

Being new to painting and therefore unencumbered with anyone else’s rules, I start my paintings with no particular end in mind by taking an abstract  approach to layering in color and texture.  The only “rule” I have in all my paintings is there is some bright color in the earliest layers which I like to let peak through a darker top pallete.

The other aspect of painting, the brush, I have not a clue how one is actually supposed to use it.  So the brush shares time with sticks of wood, pallet knives sponges and abstract “stamps” that I hand-make which you will often see evidence of in various paintings.

What I hope you will take away from my paintings, whether you take one home with you or just enjoyed seeing it in this moment, is an emotion.  Some are light and playful and others dark and moody much like the artist.


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