ARTIST’S GARDEN, Rose Geranium Foaming Wash


A natural gentle cleansing foam with rose geranium from my garden.  5oz concentrate


A super-gentle non-toxic cleansing foam for hard-working hands that removes even the most embedded paint and dirt.  Using the natural cleansing power of rose geranium from my organic garden, this also is an excellent non-drying face and body wash plus a non-tangle hair shampoo.  Hand formulated with a soft scent of garden-fresh rose geranium. 

No artificial fragrance, no dyes, no sulfates, non-toxic, no added thickeners.  Packaged in recyclable rigid long-lasting plastic.  Each bottle is decorated with an image of my artwork!

USE: This is a concentrated liquid.  Pump to dispense luxurious, soothing foam; massage into skin.  Rinse.  


Distilled water

Tincture of rose geranium leaves from my organic Canterbury gardens; deep cleansing, brightening & purifying properties

Kosher organic vegetable glycerin; extracted from plant sugars, skin conditioning, moisturizing

Eco surfactants polyglucose, sulfosuccinate, alpha olefin sulfonate, cocamidopropylamine; exceptionally gentle cleansing, derived from coconut oil

Citric acid; natural acid from citrus used to adjust the pH of product to be compatible with skin

Gluconolactone; an anti-microbial preservative derived from the fermentation of non-GMO corn.

Sodium Benzoate; a food-grade preservative that occurs naturally in plant material such as cinnamon, cloves and tomatoes

The story

Since my hands work so hard and get so dirty, I wash them a lot.  Most soaps leave a tacky film and most gel-washes are detergent that strip the skin. My hands & cuticles were always either cracking/dry or sticky so I decided to make my own wash. 

I have always grown rose geranium in my organic herb garden for its fragrance and culinary flavor, but also understood its skin-soothing, cleansing benefits.  So I decided to tincture this and use as a base for my wash.  Every year I grow bunches of rose geranium and make batches of lengthy-distilled tinctures to use all through the year when making this wash.  At the end of each growing season I take cuttings of those plants to nuture in my studio windows during the winter to replant them again in the spring.

Turns out this gentle wash has been the best for all my personal care including the best non-stripping shampoo I have found to date and a non-drying face and body wash too.  My household uses it in every room.



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