ARTIST’S GARDEN, Artist’s Cure Creme


Dense healing creme with calendula. 2oz



A natural, herbal-laden hand/body creme that prevents paint & garden stains and cures dry skin.  Use also as a soothing protectant during oncology treatments and for general use to reduce irritation from rashes of any kind.  Hand formulated with a grassy scent of calendula and recommended by doctors!

No artificial fragrance, no dyes,  non-toxic.  Packaged in a recyclable glass jar and a recyclable aluminum lid.  PLEASE NOTE: due to Pandemic related supply chain problems, I have been unable to get glass jars since late 2020.  For the time being, the cream will be packaged in clear rigid plastic jars.

USE:  Rub a dab into cuticles and hands before and after painting or gardening to prevent staining and to cure dryness.  Rub into heels of feet and cover with socks to heal and prevent cracking. Use as a general soothing creme for rashes or any sort.  Down load detailed instructions for use with oncology treatments here.



Aloe vera juice: A glucose-rich ingredient that hydrates skin and therefore keeping it soothed & strengthened. Extracted from the inner leaf of the aloe plant [whole leaf aloe vera contains a skin irritant]. Reconstituted with distilled water from a pure powder form unlike liquid forms that contain the traditional preservatives known to be endrochrine disturbers.
Sodium hyaluronate: The key component in skin cells that help them to maintain water. Helps keep skin hydrated and therefore soothed & strengthened.
Shea Butter; ultra refined: This solvent-free manually refined butter extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree, is extremely conditioning to the skin and its chemical components help reduce inflammation.
Jojoba oil: This natural liquid wax is fatty-acid rich lending protection and nourishment to the skin. It is a more desirable yet more expensive replacement in formulations for cetearyl or cetyl alcohol.
Organic sunflower lecithin: Extracted from non-GMO sunflower seeds, this is rich in Phosphatidyl Choline, the most abundant phospholipid in skin cell membranes. It behaves like a silicone so adds water-proofing and extra occlusivity to the formula to prevent scarring. Not from estrogen stimulating soy.
dl-alpha tocopherol acetate vitamin E ester: A highly bio-active water-insoluble form of vitamin that aids in soothing and regenerating the skin while also contributing to the occlusivity of the product.
Organic vegetable glycerin; kosher: Natural sugars extracted from vegetable matter that moisturize and soften skin.
Refined beeswax: Ultra-pure white wax used to emulsify the creme.
Poly-sorbate: A vegetable derived “sugar” that helps bind water and oil.
Cyclo-dimethicone: A medical grade silicone that helps prevent scarring. Large molecule so does not penetrate the skin.
Calendula essential oil: A resinous oil extracted with CO2 from the petals of the calendula plant that contains anti- inflammatory properties helping to sooth, coat and protect the skin.
Gluconolactone: An ECOCERT broad-spectrum anti-microbial preservative extracted from corn.
Sodium benzoate: A food-grade preservative.
The paraben preservatives are shown to mimic estrogen when absorbed by the skin into the body and therefore should be avoided.

The story

I formulated this creme for myself many years ago to use as soothing barrier between my skin and my fabric paints.  Rubbed in before any kind of painting, it prevents pigment from staining the skin and cuticles, then rubbed in after helps cure dryness.

Because this natural, non-toxic creme has been so effective, many of my customers starting using it in other applications.  It helps protects skin before gardening, heals and prevents cracked feet and diaper rash, and soothes sunburn and bug bites.  My most positive use yet was as a barrier during my oncology radiation treatments preventing my skin from burning and keeping it subtle and soothed after.

Unlike farmers market cremes, this creme penetrates to hydrate and heal with aloe vera, sodium hyaluronate and organic glycerine while soothing with calendula and protecting with medical grade cyclo-dimethicone.


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