art quilt, pink/peach tones – “Up the Garden Trellis”


Hand painted and hand dyed cotton art quilt. 44″ x 21″

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When I want to jump start my creativity, I often grab a scrap of fabric and randomly begin layering textile paint on to it.  Never with anything in mind, these quick one-off studies in color and texture go into my stash of painted “gold”.

From these zip-lock bags full of colored bits, I will pull out selections to color coordinate and make a harmonious arrangement.  Then I let the fabric speak to me and envision what it will become.  With particular quilt all I knew was that I wanted it to be a gradation of color and that it should be long and narrow…but that was as far as I got with the vision.  One year later when I was painting blossoms for smaller studies that it hit me; this was to be a trellis in a garden.

All the fabric in this quilt is either hand-painted or hand-dyed and the blossoms were painted onto cotton then hand appliquéd in place.  It is machine quilted.

Comes with an acid-free wooden rod inserted into its upper sleeve, wired and ready to hang off any picture hook. Ships free of charge.


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