art quilt, pink/peach tones – “Poppy Fields”


Hand painted art quilt.   24″ x 36″

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I have always love the serenity of an uninterrupted horizon, simple color spreading off the edges.  I tried to accomplish this working with a simple palette of pink and peach against a hazy blue & green with lots of white.

This quilt was painted in two panels then stitched together along a division line according to the Golden Ratio.  The lower floral piece was brush-painted and mono-printed in several layers.  The upper piece was water-dispersed paint with brush-painting over that and finished with skip troweling white over it all.

Like all quilts this was layered with bat and a backing then quilted and finally stretched over a constructed wooden frame.

Because this is a rigid stretched piece, shipping can be complicated.  Please contact me for an estimate or if you would like it delivered.


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