art quilt, “Painted Sampler”


Art quilt sampler with all hand-printed and hand-dyed fabrics. 19″ x 22″

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After a long hiatus from my studio while I recovered from breast cancer treatments, I could hardly wait to create something.  As a way to jump start my creativity I went to my binder of  historical sketches and found one to use as a “pattern” to get me started. Then I went to my stash of painted and dyed fabrics and simply assembled them in a random order.

I call this quilt a sampler because not only did it include a sampling of fabrics painted with many different techniques and appliqué, but each area is stitched with a different pattern of quilting.

This was the art piece that brought me back into my creative self.

Comes with an acid-free wooden rod inserted into a sleeve on the back.  Two nails making for easy hanging on the wall.


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