art quilt, neutral/red tones – “Going with the Flow”


Hand painted and recycled cotton and linen art quilt.   34″ x 40″

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When I am relieved of the boundaries that come with sociabilities, time constraints and subliminal input, I find that my work flourishes.  In isolation I am my best.

The year of 2020 provided that for me—but of course there were other challenges.  Materials that I was accustomed to obtaining were no longer available and any in-person evaluation of those remaining was not possible.  But aided by my solitary confinement, I was able to stretch myself into the use of new materials on-hand giving rise to an unexpected new direction.

“Going with the Flow” is a recycled piece constructed from torn apart linen pants, edging from previous quilts, and hand-dyed cotton sewn around a previously mono-printed center panel of flowing and dripping red.  I use textile paint and a paint/print board of my own construction to layer color onto fabric, manipulating the paint with alcohol, sculpting tools and timing.

Working through a year when materials were not available to me, this art quilt definitely taught me to go with the flow in an otherwise tension-filled time period.  In 2021 this quilt was the featured image in a Surface Design Association show.

Comes with an acid-free wooden rod inserted into its upper sleeve, wired and ready to hang off any picture hook. Ships free of charge.


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