Although I love to show my work through galleries, shows and my open studio events, most of the pieces I create are commissioned through either individuals or art consultants.  90% of the time the commissioner is highly involved by offering feed-back, requesting specifics to be included and have size requirements. It is challenging and fun work.

Emily's quilt, Copyrighted image.

for Emily Preston

Cotton, paint and thread.

Emily commissioned this work to fit a wall space and mimic the scene looking out her window through the fields towards her woods. As a biologist, she wanted to scene to include imagery of all the insects and wild life that she saw out her window so there are over 75 critters represented!

We decided on an impressionistic color palette with abstracted shapes so I chose a range of colors from a red-based color wheel using a complimentary color scheme when appropriate to suggest movement.  Each piece of fabric was painted and/or printed with my ink jet printer, using reticulated bugs or bears etc to create texture and shading.  They were then pieced together to show perspective.

"Tuscan Views"; copyrighted

”Tuscan Views”

This wall hanging was designed to hang above the fireplace mantle in a room with a vaulted ceiling.  The home owner was Italian and his home was designed in that traditional old world style so this piece was an ode to his heritage and that esthetic.  All hand-painted cotton background, painted 3-D botanicals and painted/stenciled accent fabrics.  Custom created rod; embellished with commercial trim.  32″ x 72″

Modugno taspestry building detail Modugno tapestry detail bouquet

Interpretive panels for Sanborn, Head and Associates; Concord, NH

These quilted panels are the result of 3 years of work for the engineering firm Sanborn, Head and Associates.  Each yearly installation was created to add to the over-all design when on year 3 its scope was revealed.  Each 36″ piece was a collage of various painted, printed and stitched fabrics that bear imagery from their job sites, text from their reports and mathematical calculations used in their work.  The over-all design is my abstracted interpretation of the elements they work in; the strata of the earth, the water and the sky.  Jane Balshaw

SHA top left panel;
SHA top center panel;
SHA top right panel;
SHA 2nd from top left panel;,
SHA 2nd from top center panel;
SHA 2nd from top right panel;
SHA 2nd from bottom left panel;
SHA 2nd from bottom center panel;
SHA bottom left panel;
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