Jane Balshaw, textile artist


Although I try to live every part of my life in constant creative expression, I am passionate about making lasting works of art to enjoy over and over.  My mediums for this type of expression are fabric, paint and thread resulting in stretched quilted textile art.  

I was drawn to sewing at an early age.  The mother of my childhood best friend was a high school home economics teacher.  In those lazy days of country summer long ago, Mrs. Robb taught we 9 year-olds the gentle art of homemaking.  We cooked, we cleaned and we sewed.  Our first sewing projects were aprons and from there forth I was hooked.  It was the collage aspect of sewing that grabbed me; combing different fabrics then selecting coordinating rick rack or buttons.  That interest carried me far into adulthood and I continued garment-making, most often in the realm of wearable art.

I come from a long line of artists back several generations and on all sides – photographers, oil and water colorists, art brush artists, sign painters, graphic artists, musicians – but it wasn’t until I picked up a brush and applied it to fabric that I feel I joined in their ranks.  It was like a light bulb went off for me; the tactile sensation of buttery paint that my father had taught me how to use combined with bend & drape of fabric, enhanced by a color-sense absorbed by osmosis through the artists around me was like completion.  This is my own unique expression and although there are many quilt artists and fabric printers out there, I have come to my techniques through personal experimentation rather than through tutorial.

I hope you enjoy my work! 

Collaborations, Color Studies, Commissions, Leaves

You might also enjoy seeing some of my late aunt’s artwork now seen on-line managed by my sister, Nell Melcher   Read about my multi-generation artist family here…

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