”Canterbury Summers”

Hand painted, hand dyed and printed cotton. Quilted and stretched. SOLD  In private collection.

”Autumn in New Hampshire”

Whole cloth painted and appliquéd cotton.  3-D painted fabric leaves.  Quilted and stretched.  SOLD  Hanging at the Jewish Senior Center; Boston, MA

”Over the Garden Gate”

Painted and commercial cotton fabric. Quilted and stretched.  21″ x 30″  SOLD $550.00

”Slivers of Heaven”

Whole cloth painted cotton; appliquéd and embroidered.  SOLD In private collection.

”Fashion in the Woods”

Painted, dyed and printed cotton.  Original poem embedded.  Appliquéd and quilted.  SOLD  In private collection.   Fashion in the Woods Who chose the fashion in the woods; on the floor, coordinated decor, taupe leaves against taupe trees? It makes for visual rest.   Who colored the palette in the woods; where there is dew mixing up complex hues, orange newts next to orange shrooms? It makes for visual awe.   Who lit the canvas in the woods; shots of light showcasing delight, citron beams through to citron streams? It makes for visual shock. Visual rest, relief to the guest viewing in awe awakening all. That visual shock while on my walks; It all gives me pause.   Jane Balshaw, ©7/2014

”Winter Geometry”

Painted, dyed and discharged cotton.  Appliquéd, embroidered, stitched and quilted.  24″ x 28″  SOLD $700.00

”Observing Winter”

Painted and printed pieced cotton.  Appliquéd, quilted and stretched.  Original poetry embedded.  SOLD In private collection.