Understanding Neutral; discovering the colors in-between workshop

part of the Color Theory Series

SATURDAY JANUARY 20, 2018 – 9-2  All colors are blended from 3 basic primary colors. Mix these primaries once or twice; you have the color wheel. Most of the quilting fabrics and most classic garment colors stop here with these basic mixes. But, the subtle quality of color expressed in a decorators palette of wall colors and upholstery fabrics goes deeper. They are complex colors, neutralized colors; they are mixes of mixes of mixes and very beautiful. Using my Triadic Color Theory System learn to how to decipher the hues present in neutral color so that you can use it with confidence.

  • Paint gradations of off-whites through grays and browns on fabric or paper.
  • Assemble your favorite combinations and harmonies for later use.
  • Leave with a swatches workbook to use as a guide for interior decorating, art or sewing projects.

$60 + $25 materials fee = $85

Call or email to reserve your place.  603-491-7305  jbalshaw@comcast.net

Recognizing color; learning to see hue workshop

part of the Color Theory series
SATURDAY JANUARY 13, 2018: 10-3  Sky blue is the same color as denim and bubble gum is the same color as a tomato. Understanding color value—its lightness and darkness—and its subtle tonal variations allows you to use it more effectively. In this class you will learn the basics of my Triadic Color Theory System as a means to recognize the underlying family of colors in all hues thereby understanding how to create effective combinations.

  • Paint gradations of color on either fabric or paper
  • Assemble harmonies and color combinations for later use.
  • Leave with a swatches workbook to use as a sewing, project or clothing guide

$60 + $25 materials fee = $85

Call or email to reserve your place.  603-491-7305  jbalshaw@comcast.net

My Creative Process; how to design workshop

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2018: 10-4.  SNOW DATE, SUNDAY FEBRUARY 4, 2018   This is the class that my students have been requesting for years.

“Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially creative.”
I personally feel that all projects use the same design process and once you learn this, any form of creative expression is possible. I have developed my own personal step by step intuitive approach to designing that has worked for anything I put my mind to. Whether I am cooking, painting, quilting, formulating, gardening, making jewelry or doing computer graphics, the same methodology and application of the classical elements of design works. Learn about color, style, proportion, scale and arrangement, and simply how to get started.

In the class learn how to stimulate your creative potential and how to think intuitively rather than logically.  We will break down the process step by step teaching you how to work any project.  Practice with a small project and leave the class with a workbook of notes.

The real benefit of this class is the opportunity for monthly, follow-up, on-line project challenges to apply this information in depth. Fee charged.

$60 + $25 materials fee = $85

Call or email to reserve your place.  603-491-7305  jbalshaw@comcast.net


Saturday/Sunday Nov. 4th and 5th, 2017 9-5 “Return to the Grid”; a showing of my latest hand-painted wall quilts.  This year I have been inspired to return to a more quilterly format using blocks and grids in a highly contemporary style.  My art studio will be open and visit the Barn Store to see some mini art inspirations. Refreshments served.

As part of the state wide New Hampshire Open Doors, my fellow Canterbury Artisans will also have their studios and shops open these days as well.  Always a VERY fun and inspiring day.

NHopenDoors.com to see what other areas of the state are open for tours.

Alternative Holiday Baking workshop

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2017: 12-4 Baking is chemistry. So as someone who practices alchemy in all her creative processes, it is no wonder that I love it and it is here as a workshop!

Many of us want to replace ingredients to increase the health of a baking recipe but our substitutions can cause it to implode, leaving it soggy or flat or crumbly; the chemistry did not work. And when it comes to making a more healthy dessert, sometimes it does not mean to simply find replacement ingredients, but instead, work with whole foods to make an entirely new style of dessert. Join me in my kitchen to learn how to effectively use alternative ingredients and alternative recipes to create luscious vegan, gluten-free or less-sugar recipes. Bring a pie pan and a container to take home your finished goodies.

We will bake together and:

  • Learn what eggs do in a recipe, why to use butter vs. oil, and what sugar brings to a finished product and how flours differ..
  • Learn how to “stack” flavor when you take away an ingredient.
  • Learn how ovens work, how recipes are calibrated and what material makes the best baking pans.

$85 – includes all ingredients

Call or email to reserve your place.  603-491-7305  jbalshaw@comcast.net

Coloring Fabric 1 workshop #1

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 9, 2017 – 10 – 3

The admiration of a beautiful piece of fabric is a long held sentiment; manipulations of color on weave and over-lapping designs that create pattern have always captured our attention. Fabric printing is an art form after all. This class is a basic introduction to some manipulations on the surface of fabric to create your own pieces of art that can be sewn into a quilt, used to make a pillow/handbag/garment or simply frame.

Using fabric paint, learn direct-on or take-off methods, wet and dry methods and photo exposed imaging. Embellishment with pencils, crayons and stamping is also learned while understanding the fiber & weave of fabric for best results. Leave with finished fabric and a work book to continue the fun at home.

$60 + $25 materials fee = $85

Call or email to reserve your place.  603-491-7305  jbalshaw@comcast.net

Coloring Fabric 1 workshop #2

SATURDAY OCTOBER 7TH, 2017 – 10-3  This workshop will be held again at the fabulous Moose Tracks Studios in Franconia, NH.  Sponsored by the Littleton Studio School in association with the League of NH Craftsmen.

Please contact them directly: 603-444-1066   littleton.studio.school@gmail.com