Kitchen Creations

Snow-day baking; Peanut Butter Twist cookies

When was the last time you had a really good peanut butter cookie?  Really nutty, totally satisfying, not the bland-fake-beige-too sweet version?  It took some creativity but my daughter came up with this very unusual version of peanut butter cookies that have a healthy twist.  I am never going back. Happy one of two… Continue reading Snow-day baking; Peanut Butter Twist cookies

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Merry Christmas last minute cheese spread!

In case ANYONE is checking their emails today, Merry Christmas from my place to yours! Here is a last-minute recipe for amazingly delicious cheese spread made from left over bits in just a couple of minutes. Enjoy! LAST MINUTE CHEESE SPREAD Soften all cheeses to room temperature or microwave until soft. Blend all ingredients together… Continue reading Merry Christmas last minute cheese spread!

Art Explorations, Kitchen Creations

Change of season creative inspirations

Its fall and the gardens are winding down here at my country home and studio.  This time of year is always settling to me as though the plants and I have run a long, hot race through summer and now we can rest on our laurels.  Artistic inspiration always comes.  Here is what I am thinking...… Continue reading Change of season creative inspirations