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Invisible make-up; revisiting color theory

Make-up at it’s best should not show. Unless we choose to apply cosmetic color as an artistic statement we want it to feel texturally light with invisible color that blends in.  Right?  A mistake is made, however, in thinking that to achieve this make-up needs to be very sheer or rubbed in. In fact invisibility… Continue reading Invisible make-up; revisiting color theory

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Masques; the at-home summer facial

There is nothing like a facial in my hands - so you tell me - but in the absence of my curative expertise you can refresh your skin at home by giving yourself facial. Beyond simple cleaning and moisturizing, applied facial masques can add additional benefits into your home skincare routine. Masque benefits fall into… Continue reading Masques; the at-home summer facial

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Spring cleaning; organizing your make-up drawer

Just like your wardrobe needs sorting through once in a while, so does your make-up need the same.  What haven't you worn in a while?  What is at the bottom that you had forgotten you had? What is past the expiration date?  And other than good neutral colors—like your skin tones, shade of your hair and… Continue reading Spring cleaning; organizing your make-up drawer

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Beauty and personal style; Bloom where you are planted

There comes a time when we realize that as a woman we hold the power to be our best self. ...that we can settle in on and embrace who we have become and set aside the angst-imposed beauty-striving in favor of beauty-thriving. bloom where we are planted in life. As Kevin Kline’s character famously… Continue reading Beauty and personal style; Bloom where you are planted